10 Simple Mistakes to Avoid in Elden Ring

Don't miss these simple tips to get the most of out your Elden Ring experience

10 Simple Mistakes to Avoid in Elden Ring
Source: Press Kit.

There are many ways of playing Elden Ring that Soulsborne fans might describe as "wrong". Of course, you should play the game however you like - the main thing is that you enjoy it - but there are some elements new players could easily miss. With that in mind, here are ten ways you can get the most of out of your first Elden Ring experience.

Source: FromSoftware.

1. Not Exploring Enough

Elden Ring has so much content that is worth doing. If you aren’t exploring you are robbing yourself of all the cool bosses, environments, narrative, quests, and even items. Explore all that you can and don’t rush to beat the main story.

2. Ignoring Online Messages

There are a lot of interesting interactions, areas, and items you will miss if you don’t read the online messages. Sure, most are useless but some can point in you in the direction of something awesome. They also make for some good jokes.

3. Not Writing Messages

Similar to ignoring messages, it is fun to write messages. This is a strand-like game after all. Your message could be helpful, funny, or malicious to another player. The game even lets you see how many up-votes or down-votes your messages have received. Plus, each time your message is rated (either positive or negative), you'll receive a full health boost (which can be very handy, especially during a boss battle!)

Source: FromSoftware.

4. Looking Up Guides

Unlike a lot of games, Elden Ring is best enjoyed with no guides. If you know in advance how to beat a boss, where an item is, or how to get to the next area it is going to dramatically reduce part of the charm of the game. Part of the fun is finding a unique weapon in the world and making it part of your character. If you know where the best axe in the game is and how to build your character to make it the best, you are going to be removing a lot of the fun out of the game.

Editor's Note:While looking up guides does detract from the sense of discovery, I do recommend them for particular cases (e.g. when you are really stuck on something, or if you're hunting down a specific weapon, etc...)

5. Not Reading Item Descriptions

The item descriptions in this game provide incredible narrative significance and useful knowledge. Reading the description for every item you pick up will increase your knowledge and the immersiveness of the game.

Source: FromSoftware.

6. Skipping Bosses

This is similar to not exploring enough, but sometimes you know a boss is optional, or you know that you have to do this boss, but either way do not skip it. You can take a break and come back, but every boss you skip is just missed content (and missed runes to help you level up).

7. Not Listening to NPCs

When talking to NPCs you might be tempted to skip their dialogue; don't do this. Listen carefully as some quest givers do not repeat vital information.

Source: FromSoftware.

8. Only Using Light Attacks

Light attacks are quick but finding opportunities for special attacks adds more strategy to combat and can give you big advantages. Use charged attacks and jumping attacks to break poise and deal bonus damage to enemies and bosses. Ashes of War can also be very powerful to give you the edge.

9. Not Leveling Vigor

Vigor is the best stat in the game, especially if you are struggling and getting one hit and want to be able to recover from mistakes. I recommend increasing Vigor to 40 or even 50 for end game activities.

Source: FromSoftware.

10. Grinding

There's really no need to "grind" in Elden Ring. You should find that the wide range of activities on offer enables you to level up as quickly (and as much) as you'll need. Plus, simply exploring the world and tackling a variety of challenges is likely to be more engaging than hacking away at the same enemy over and over again.

Of course, the main thing to remember is to have fun! There isn't one single "right" way to play the game. But if you're new to Elden Ring - and especially to Soulsborne games - you might find these tips helpful. Have fun playing!


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