SUPERJUMP is a writers' collective. Our size, shape, and focus areas shift and evolve at all times, reflecting the experiences and personalities of the collective that breathes life into our stories. As you browse through the faces of the folks behind SUPERJUMP, you can click through to view their author profiles, which showcase their incredible work.


There are several great reasons to join the SUPERJUMP team. Here are just a few:

❤️ Gain access to the SUPERJUMP Discord server. It's a super-friendly place where our team socialise, collaborate, and share job opportunities.

💪 Work closely with editors who are focused on developing your skills and making your writing the very best it can be. SUPERJUMP actively supports our writers to connect with both paid freelance and permanent jobs in the industry; this includes providing formal references.

🏆 Participate in our Writer of the Month program. Every month, SUPERJUMP editors select a winning author, whose work is promoted across all of our social channels, and who receives a $100USD tip from us.

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