Dreaming Crests in WoW Dragonflight: Everything You Need to Know

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Dreaming Crests in WoW Dragonflight: Everything You Need to Know
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In this story, we will discuss everything you need to know about Dreaming Crests, including how to get them, how to use them, and how to maximize your gear's potential. We will also compare the Shadowflame and Dreaming Crest system in Seasons 2 and 3 to the gear upgrade systems from previous seasons.

Dragonflight Season 2 introduced an all-new gear upgrade system that utilizes Flightstones and Shadowflame Crests. This system replaces most of the upgrade systems that were in place in previous seasons, including Valor and Storm Gear, for example. Now, players can upgrade almost any item they earn during the season, whether from a World Quest, a Mythic+ Dungeon run, or a Raid Boss kill.

Crest Fragments are a valuable currency used to upgrade gear to higher item levels. They are more challenging to obtain than Flightstones but essential for reaching the highest gear level in Season 2 and Season 3 in WoW Dragonflight.

Comparing the Dreaming Crest system to previous gear upgrade systems

Out with the old, in with the new: The Fragments Crest system is designed to be more accessible to players of all levels and simplify upgrading gear. One of the most significant differences between the Dreaming Crest system and previous gear upgrade systems is that it is universal.

Players can use Dreaming Crests to upgrade any item they earn, regardless of where they got it. This is a massive improvement over previous upgrade systems, which required players to use different currencies to upgrade various types of gear.

Another big difference between the Fragments Crest system and the previous gear upgrade systems is that it is moreforgiving. In prior systems, players could lose their upgrade progress if they made a mistake. For example, if a player used the wrong currency to upgrade an item, they would lose that upgrade progress.

In the Dreaming Crest system, there is no risk of losing upgrade progress. This makes the system much more accessible to new and casual players who are ready to get their hands on top-level gear upgrades.

The Dreaming Crest system pushes players to step outside their comfort zone

In previous seasons, players could often gear up quickly by focusing on a single type of content, such as Mythic+ dungeons or raids. However, the Shadowflame and Dreaming Crest system requires players to complete a variety of different activities to obtain this currency. This includes running Mythic+ dungeons and raids, participating in open-world events, killing Elite bosses, and many more.

The Fragments Crest system is a positive change because it encourages players to experience all of the content that Dragonflight offers. It also makes the gearing process more challenging and rewarding.

The Fragments Crest system adds a new layer of depth to gearing, encouraging players to explore different aspects of Dragonflight expansion. However, if you're focused on specific goals or simply don't have endless hours to play, it can be time-consuming to farm enough Dreaming Crests. If that's the case, consider exploring WoW boosting services like those offered on KBoosting.com to help streamline the process.

What are Dreaming Crests in Dragonflight?

Dreaming Crests are a new currency added in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight that can be used to upgrade Season 3 items. They were introduced in patch 10.2 and will continue their usage in 10.2.5.

Importance of Dreaming Crests farming in WoW Dragonflight

This currency is an essential resource for any player who wants to be successful in WoW Dragonflight. By farming Dreaming Crests, you can give yourself a significant advantage in upgrading gear and advancing in power and wealth.

What do you use Dreaming Crests for in WoW?

Dreaming Crests serve a dual purpose, as not only do they upgrade your gear, but they also function as crafting reagents. Stored in the reagent bag, they are utilized by enchanters to create Enchanted Dreaming Crests, which are available through crafting orders, giving you the opportunity to obtain high-item level equipment pieces with specific effects.

How many types of Dreaming Crests are in WoW Dragonflight?

Dreaming Crests are divided into four tiers, and each is used to upgrade the gear of a specific level:

  • Whelpling's Dreaming Crests: 428 - 450 item level.
  • Drake's Dreaming Crests: 441 - 463 item level.
  • Wyrm's Dreaming Crests: 454 - 476 item level.
  • Aspect's Dreaming Crests: 467 - 483 item level.
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Blizzard also prepared us with the Crest that results in a combination after using 15 types of each crest available.

  • Gleaming Satchel of Drake's Dreaming Crests.
  • Shimmering Clutch of Wyrm's Dreaming Crests.
  • Viridescent Bouquet of Aspect's Dreaming Crests.
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Upgrading Dragonflight gear

To upgrade your gear, you need Flightstones and Dreaming Crests. But note that you get a discount if you upgrade a lower-level item in a specific slot. This encourages you to try different gear and trinkets without feeling punished for upgrading the wrong thing.

For example, if you have two item level 470 trinkets and get a new item level 460 trinket you want to try, you won't need DreamingCrests to upgrade it, and you'll only pay half the Flightstone cost.

The discount also applies to any character with a higher item level for that slot on your account. So, if you upgrade an item, you'll get a 60% Flightstone discount if any character on your account has a higher item level for that slot. But you'll still need to collect the appropriate Dreaming Crest (if necessary).

Rings, trinkets, and one-handed weapons have two slots, and the second-highest item level will determine your upgrade discount. Main-hand weapons and off-hands (like shields) are tracked separately, with the lower of the two counting towards the one-handed weapon discount.

If you have a high-quality two-handed weapon, your highest item level will set the discount threshold for both items, regardless of the style you use.

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For now, there are six types of upgradeable gear in WoW Dragonflight:

  1. Explorer gear (415-437 ilvl range dropped from killing Mobs and completing quests in Dragon Isles or running Heroic Dungeons).
  2. Adventurer gear (428-450 ilvl range dropped from completing World quests in Zaralek Cavern).
  3. Veteran gear (441-463 ilvl range dropped from completing Open-World events like Fyrakk Assaults, Dreamsurges and Time Rifts, engaging in special Zaralek Cavern activities, queueing in Aberrus Raid Finder, achieving final chapters of Embers of Neltharion campaign and running Mythic+ dungeons).
  4. Champion gear (454-476 ilvl range dropped from running the Normal Aberrus Raid, the Great Vault completion, weekly bonus events participation, and running Mythic+ dungeons).
  5. Hero gear (467-483 ilvl range dropped from running the Heroic Aberrus, the Great Vault completion, and running Mythic+ dungeons).
  6. Mythic gear (480-489 ilvl range dropped from running the Mythic Aberrus Raid, the Great Vault completion).

PvP Gear is not included in Patch 10.0 or 10.1, but starting with Patch 10.2, PvP gear type will be upgradeable using Flightstones and Dreaming Crests.

Mythic gear is the highest item level gear in the game, and it cannot be upgraded. The other five types of gear can all be upgraded using Flightstones and Dreaming Crest Fragments up to eight levels.

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Note: For a given slot, once you obtain gear of a certain item level, either from upgrading or from drops, all future upgrades will have a 60% discount on their Flightstone cost. This flightstone discount is account-wide. The new upgrade system is what takes Dragonflight to a whole new level.

Rings and Trinkets require two of a certain item level to unlock the discount. These discounts won't increase your main character's item level or that of any alternate characters higher than your primary character's level. Instead, they're a way to "catch up" on gear and improve your overall gameplay experience.

Crafting gear with Enchanted Dreaming Crests

What are Enchanted Dreaming Crests in WoW Dragonflight?

Enchanted Dreaming Crests are a special type of Dreaming Crests that can only be used to upgrade your crafted gear. They are like the Primal Infusion and Concentrated Primal Infusion from Dragonflight Season 1 or Season 2 Shadowflame Crests but for Dreaming Crests.

These special materials are only available to Enchanters who have the recipe, which can be obtained by opening treasure chests and defeating rare bosses in Zaralek Cavern or Emerald Dream with a chance of 0.6% drop rate.

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To craft an Enchanted Dreaming Crest, Enchanters will need the following materials:

  • 30 Chromatic Dust.
  • 5 Vibrant Shard.
  • 1 Resonant Crystal.
  • 1 Nascent Whelpling's Dreaming Crest - 30x Whelpling's Dreaming Crests (for Enchanted Whelpling's Dreaming Crests).
  • 60 Chromatic Dust.
  • 10 Vibrant Shards.
  • 2 Resonant Crystals.
  • 1 Dracothyst.
  • 1 Nascent Wyrm's Dreaming Crest - 45x Wyrm's Dreaming Crests (for Enchanted Wyrm's Dreaming Crests).
  • 80 Chromatic Dust.
  • 15 Vibrant Shards.
  • 4 Resonant Crystals.
  • 2 Dracothysts.
  • 1 Nascent Aspect's Dreaming Crest - 60x Aspect's Dreaming Crest (for Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crests).
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Once an Enchanter has crafted an Enchanted Dreaming Crest, it can be used to upgrade crafted gear in Valdrakken. The type of Enchanted Dreaming Crest used will determine the item level of the upgraded gear. For Season 3, there are three types of Enchanted Dreaming crests:

  • Enchanted Whelpling's Dreaming Crests can be used to upgrade crafted gear to levels 434-447 (only used on Rare quality gear).
  • Enchanted Wyrm's Dreaming Crests can be used to upgrade crafted gear to levels 463-476 (only used on Epic quality gear).
  • Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crests can be used to upgrade crafted gear to levels 473-486 (only used on Epic quality gear).
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If you are not an Enchanter and want to upgrade your Dreaming Crest, you can do so by using the Work Order System in Dragonflight. This system allows you to place an order with an Enchanter to upgrade your Crest. Still, ensuring higher quality crafts, you can place the order publicly, privately, or with a specific Enchanter from your guild.

Item levels of the Season 3 crafted gear are the following:

  • Enchanted Whelpling's Dreaming Crest: 431 - 444 Item Level.
  • Base Spark Crafted: 447 - 460 Item Level.
  • Enchanted Wyrm's Dreaming Crest: 460 - 473 Item Level.
  • Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crest: 470 - 483 Item Level.
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Note: You will still need to have the recipe for the Dreaming Crest in order to place the order. We recommend that you try out different Enchanters before placing an order so that you can find one with a good reputation and reasonable prices.

Is it hard to get Dreaming Crests in World of Warcraft?

It depends on the type of Dreaming Crest you are trying to get. Whelpling's Dreaming Crests are the easiest to get, as they can be obtained from a variety of sources, including world quests, treasure chests, and rare mobs.

However, Aspect's Dreaming Crests are much more difficult to get, as they can only be obtained from the most challenging content in the game, such as Mythic+ dungeons and Mythic raids.

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Dreaming Crests vendor location in World of Warcraft

The locations where you can upgrade your items using Dreaming Crests and Flightstones in WoW Dragonflight are:

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  • Corxian in the Gladiator's Refuge in Valdrakken, at 44.3 36.5.
  • Erza near the Obsidian Enclave in Valdrakken, at 13862 38.6.
  • Researcher Baneflare in the Forbidden Reach, at 35.0 59.4.

The locations where you can spend your Flightstones and Dreaming Crests in WoW Dragonflight are:

  • Andoris in Valdrakken, at 30.6 60.8.
  • Yerili in Thaldraszus, at 51.0 40.8.
  • Trellain in The Waking Shores, at 60.2 72.0.
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  • Solonga and Asarin in Ohn'ahran Plains, at 56.8 75.6.

In Season 2, Shadowflame crests could have been bought. The location where you could buy Shadowflame Crests was:

  • Spinsoa in Loamm, Zaralek Cavern, at 55.8 55.4.
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Now, in Season 3, at the cost of Dreaming Crests and in order to obtain more than your season cap can allow, we can trade 15 Whelpling's, Drake's, and Wyrm's Dreaming Crests for a Clutch of these, meaning we will collect 15 more Crests, but they are not accounted for in the seasonal cap.

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This acquisition can be done in Emerald Dream while interacting with Vaskarn, located in Emerald Dream, Central Encampment, at 49.62.

Where to farm Dreaming Crests in WoW Dragonflight

The best ways to get Dreaming Crests in WoW 10.2 are:

  • Mythic+ dungeons.
  • Raids.
  • Weekly Events.
  • Weekly Quests.
  • Vaskarn, located in Emerald DreamCentral Encampment, at 49.62.
  • Rare Elites.
  • Superblooms and Growth Cycles Events.
  • One-time quests.
  • Completion of the appropriate Renown quest.

Best activities for Dreaming Crest farming in World of Warcraft

If you're looking to farm Dreaming Crests as quickly as possible, focus on the above-mentioned activities. However, keep in mind that some of them are quite challenging, so you'll need to be prepared with the right ilvl gear for each and every type of activity you will encounter.

How to get Dreaming Crests in World of Warcraft?

Right now, we will focus on each type of Dreaming Crest and the best type of activity to get them:

  • Whelpling's Dreaming Crest: Obtained from LFR Amirdrassil bosses, Mythic+ dungeons (levels 2 to 5), world quests, and treasures. It is used for low-level gear upgrades and can upgrade Item Level up to 450.
  • Drake's Dreaming Crest: Obtained from Normal Amirdrassil bosses, Mythic+ dungeons (levels 6 to 10), and Emerald Dream weekly events. It is used for mid-level gear upgrades and can upgrade Item Level up to 463.
  • Wyrm's Dreaming Crest: Obtained from Heroic Amirdrassil bosses, Mythic+ dungeons (levels 11 to 15). It is used for high-level gear upgrades and can upgrade Item Level up to 476.
  • Aspect's Dreaming Crest: Obtained from Mythic Amirdrassil bosses, Mythic+ dungeons (levels 16 and above). It is used for top-level gear upgrades and can upgrade Item level to 486.

To create a Dreaming Crest Satchel, you need to gather 15 fragments of the same type. Since there are many different ways to get fragments, you should participate in as many activities as possible to get as many as you can. This way, by using a Satchel, you will obtain 15 more Dreaming Crests, which are not accounted for in the seasonal cap.

Dreaming Crests cap limit in WoW Dragonflight

Certainly, a question that every player has when it comes to farming an important material is whether the material has any cap limit or not.

Dreaming Crests are not stored in your reagent bag anymore, but they stack in the currency tab with a weekly and seasonal limit, so they won't take up too much space in your inventory. You can earn up to 990 Dreaming Crests of each type per season, and this cap will not increase as the season progresses.

Any Dreaming Crest you earn as a one-time reward will count towards your cap. So, if you're looking at a quest reward that gives you Dreaming Crests, you may worry about whether you're at or near the cap.

You can check the Currency tab of the Character window (default hotkey "c") to see how many fragments you've earned towards the cap.

Was there a cap limit for Shadowflame Crests in WoW Dragonflight?

The weekly limit had no place here. There was no cap for Season 2. But let's dive into Season 3 information and check out the changes that Blizzard has made.

Dreaming Crests changes in Dragonflight Season 3: What to expect now?

In Dragonflight Season 3, there are a few changes being made to Shadowflame Crests. First, the weekly cap for Shadowflame Crest Fragments is being increased. This means that you will be able to earn more Dreaming Crests each week but with a limited number on how many times you can upgrade your gear.

Secondly, the cost of Dreaming Crests is being reduced. This means that it will be cheaper to upgrade your gear.

Finally, new sources of Dreaming Crests are being added. This means that you will have more ways to earn Dreaming Crests, and you will be able to earn them more quickly.

Let's point out the following important changes that occurred in Season 3:

  • The weekly cap for Dreaming Crest Fragments has increased.
  • The cost of Dreaming Crests was being reduced.
  • New sources of Dreaming Crests were being added.
  • PvP Gear can now be upgraded with Flightstones and Dreaming Crests (was Honor) and every PvP activity will reward Flightstones and Crests.
  • The Crest cap is now 90 per week to purchase 6 upgrades (was 10 upgrades).

Crests moved to the currency tab for a more efficient System

In Dragonflight Season 3, the old Shadowflame Crests have been removed and the Dreaming Crests will be prioritized in the currency tab. This made the system more efficient by freeing up bag space for players. Players will no longer need to carry around Shadowflame Crests in their bags, as they will be able to access them from the currency tab at any time.

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A breath of fresh air for Mythic+

The change to Shadowflame Crests that players have been asking for finally came in Season 3. This change made Mythic+ more enjoyable for both high-end and average players.

High-end players no longer need to farm low and mid-level keys to get Shadowflame Crests. This means that they can focus on challenging themselves with higher-level keys.

Average players will no longer be stuck in the PUG purgatory, constantly queuing up for Mythic+ dungeons that they are qualified to do but being rejected by over-geared higher-level veteran players who are farming crests.

Overall, this change is a positive one for the Mythic+ community. It will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Tips and tricks to obtain Dreaming Crests fast

  • Focus on Mythic+ dungeons. M+ dungeons are the most efficient way to farm Dreaming Crests. The higher the Mythic+ level, the more Dreaming Crests you will receive.
  • Join a Mythic+ community. Joining a M+ community is a great way to find groups of players to run Mythic+ dungeons with. This can help you farm Dreaming Crests more efficiently and effectively.
  • Use the Group Finder. This is another good way to find groups to run Mythic+ dungeons with. However, keep in mind that the competition for groups can be high, especially at higher Mythic+ levels.
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  • Complete weekly quests. There are a number of weekly quests that reward Dreaming Crests. Be sure to complete these quests every week to maximize your Dreaming Crest earnings.
  • Participate in weekly events. There are a number of weekly events in Emerald Dream that can reward Dreaming Crests. Be sure to participate in these events every week to maximize your Dreaming Crest earnings.
  • Kill rare elites. Rare elites in Emerald Dream have a chance to drop Dreaming Crests. Be sure to kill rare elites whenever you see them.
  • Exchange Dreaming Crests from vendors. You can purchase Dreaming Crest's satchels from vendors in Valdrakken and Emerald Dream.

Here are some additional tips:

  • If you are new to Mythic+ dungeons, start by running lower-level keys. Once you have gained some experience and upgraded your gear, you can start challenging yourself with higher-level keys.
  • Be patient. It takes time to farm Dreaming Crests. Don't get discouraged if you don't get all of the Dreaming Crests you need right away. Just keep running Mythic+ dungeons, completing weekly quests, and participating in weekly events, and you will eventually get all of the Dreaming Crests you need.
  • Always explore the Outdoor Content. Keep your eyes peeled for treasure chests, which can contain Dreaming Crests, and look for hidden areas and secrets. You may be surprised at what you find.
  • Explore with friends. It's more fun and safer to explore the world of Azeroth with others.

Shadowflame Crests in Dragonflight Season 2 vs. Season 3: Brief comparison

Here is what Season 2 brought:

  • Weekly cap for Shadowflame Crest Fragments: 150.
  • Cost of Shadowflame Crests: High.
  • New sources of Shadowflame Crests: None.

And now we'll cover Season 3:

  • Weekly cap for Shadowflame Crest Fragments: Increased.
  • Cost of Shadowflame Crests: Reduced.

New sources of Shadowflame Crests: Added.

Additional thoughts

  • The changes to Dreaming Crests in Season 3 are positive for players. They will make it easier and more affordable to upgrade your gear.
  • The weekly cap increase for Dreaming Crest Fragments will allow players to earn more Dreaming Crests each week.
  • The reduction in the cost of Dreaming Crests will make it cheaper to upgrade your gear.
  • The addition of new sources of Dreaming Crests will give players more ways to earn these Crests, and they will be able to earn them more quickly.
Source: Author.

A word to the wise

I personally think the Dreaming Crests system is a great way to help players of all skill levels upgrade their gear, especially those who are new to raiding or who are not able to raid regularly. It is also a good way to help players catch up to their peers in terms of gear progression. Defeating raid bosses was always a fun activity.

I like the fact that Dreaming Crests are not required to upgrade the raid gear, but they can be used to upgrade lower-level veteran gear and lower-level champion gear. This gives players more flexibility in how they choose to upgrade their gear.

I am excited to see how the Dreaming Crest system impacts the game in the long term. I think it has the potential to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

What about you? Do you agree? 


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