5 Great RPGs for the Switch Lite

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5 Great RPGs for the Switch Lite
Source: Press Kit.

In December 2022, I was gifted a turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite. As someone who previously owned a Nintendo 3DS and a Nintendo DS Lite, a Nintendo Switch Lite seemed like the best next step in my handheld gaming journey. I was so excited that I also ordered a turquoise carrying case and a memory card to store digital games. One year later, I've enjoyed many RPGs on my Switch Lite and look forward to playing more. In the meantime, here are my favorite RPGs I've played on a Switch Lite so far.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Image is a screenshot of a colored in woodsy area with a frog telling a dog holding a paintbrush, "There's something in the woods."
Source: Press Kit.

Created by Wishes Unlimited Games, Chicory: A Colorful Tale has you in the paws of a dog who wields a magic paintbrush in order to fight corruption and restore color to the world of Picnic Province. The dog is a stand-in for the player, named after whatever your favorite food is, and is always addressed by name or with gender-neutral pronouns. As you progress through the game, its initial premise gives way to a poignant story about the struggles and joy of being an artist.

While there is some movement, puzzle solving, and combat involved using the joystick, the touchscreen serves the player especially well. Not only can you combat enemies with the paintbrush using the touchscreen as you move around with the joystick, but you can also color in the world around you by tapping on the touch screen or holding the L2 button. You can also remap the controls to your liking if you are left-handed or would rather toggle a button instead of holding it.


Image is Zagreus slashing at enemies with a shield in a lava area
Source: Press Kit.

Released by Super Giant Games in 2020, this rogue-like game is a dark, fantastical take on Greek mythology starring Hades' son Zagreus. You hack and slash your way through various areas of the Underworld in order to reach Mount Olympus. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Since this is a roguelike action RPG, you will die a lot. When you die, you lose all your lives and have to make your way through the underworld all over again. Thankfully, different weapons, god blessings, and special abilities keep each run fresh. You can also turn on the God Mode feature that lessens the damage you take every time you die.

As a result, this game has an engaging game loop that will keep you entertained. Combat controls are fast-paced but also lend themselves to the development of muscle memory. The isometric graphics are visually striking, making you want to stop and look around. Finally, the cast of characters have compelling backstories that flesh out a little at a time. I have yet to beat this game, but I return to it every so often when I want to blow off steam.

Cassette Beasts

Image is a dog and a bat facing a lion and snake. In the center of the screen is a cassette record menu.
Source: Press Kit.

Created by Bytten Studio, this monster-catching turn-based indie RPG takes the nostalgia of a Nintendo DS Pokémon game and makes something new. To escape the mysterious island of New Wirral, you must capture monsters on retro cassette tapes and discover the secrets of the island.

Not only can you fuse monsters and explore a colorful pixel art world with monster abilities, but you can also travel with different characters that serve as battle partners. There are also Ranger Captains to battle and a kick-ass soundtrack. I lost myself in this game for a while and would gladly do so again.

Sea of Stars

Image is pixel art of Valere and Zale swimming in an ocean surrounded by seashell houses
Source: Press Kit.

From Sabotage Studio comes this gorgeous pixel art turn-based RPG, Sea of Stars. You play as Valere and Zale, two Solstice Warriors of the sun and moon, to fight an evil alchemist. In all, there are six interesting playable characters and some puzzle-solving to do as you embark on this adventure.

Playing this game gave me the same wonder and joy I did when playing Chrono Trigger for the first time on my Nintendo 3DS. The battle system isn't perfect, but the button attacks and combos are fun. Most of the characters are so endearing that you love cooking and resting at campfires with them. The game's world was a delight to explore due to the vibrant graphics and the sheer number of things to swim in, climb, and run across.

Etrian Odyssey III

Image is a first person view of a vibrant ocean labyrinth with an orange ball mini boss nearby
Source: Press Kit.

This first-person dungeon crawler is an HD remastered version of the 2010 Nintendo DS game where you create a party and gradually map and explore a huge labyrinth. This particular game is also a part of the Etrian Odyssey Origins collection, which includes Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey II. However, you do not need to play these previous entto enjoy the third game.

Initially, I was on the fence about getting this game due to concerns about how the DS mapping controls would translate to a single screen. Although having the map chart take up half the screen took some getting used to, turning on full automap mode helped me adjust. With the walls and floors being mapped out for me as I walk, I could focus on placing symbols on the map by tapping the touchscreen and enjoying the game's lush labyrinth graphics and engaging music.


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