Could Metal Gear Solid 6 Happen?

What might a return to the legendary franchise look like?

Could Metal Gear Solid 6 Happen?
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When we look at our achievements in the workplace, do we want to look back and consider that we walked away from something we were involved in since day one? Would we truly give up on something we originated, or would we want to end things on our terms?

I imagine this is how Hideo Kojima feels about Metal Gear Solid. He had been involved with the franchise since the 'original' came out on the original PlayStation back in 1998. He then ended the relationship on his terms in 2015 with a high-profile 'divorce' from Konami. who have since gone on to publish Metal Gear Survive, an odd mix of The Walking Dead meets Pyramid Head extras, alongside Metal Gear Extras.

With the announcement of a remake and classic collections being bundled up for release later this month, we need to ask ourselves, is this a prelude to something new, or is it a quick cash-in for the 25th year anniversary of Metal Gear (PS1)?

Hideo Kojima

At the present moment, Hideo Kojima is not involved with the Metal Gear Solid 3 update project. This news was met with mute excitement by me because, whilst it is still a great game, it was not the announcement for which I had hoped. My preference would have been for the first two games but you don't always get what you wish for. We will still be receiving these games at the end of the month as a classic collection.

After leaving Konami, Kojima went on to develop Death Stranding, the Marmite game. Some (like myself) absolutely love it (after you get over the first few hours) and others cannot stand the memory of it. Since then there has been constant talk of something new other than the Death Stranding sequel (which I'm interested in), nothing new has boiled to the surface.

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Metal Gear Solid 6

We are all entitled to dream here, so this is my dream: Kojima does not wish to go back to Konami, but when they announce Metal Gear Solid 6, he is drawn back to helm the franchise he created.

If they are going to make it anyway, then (at least in my head), he would rather take charge, in the way that only he knows how. He would prefer this over the cruel fate of something like The Matrix Resurrections, which nobody wanted.

Kojima is brought back to headline one more Metal Gear Solid, maybe with an elderly Snake working with Meryl as a liaison from a distance. He could take up the Roy Campbell position, helping Meryl as she desperately tries to save her uncle, Colonel Campbell himself, who has been kidnapped.

From this, we could introduce ourselves to a new central figure, one who has many secrets, much like Snake before her. Maybe she is actually a clone and the real Meryl died years before?

All of this may sound incredibly cliche but answer me this, would you not be intrigued? I would and despite the fact that the plot would become more convoluted than the end of LOST, I (and legions of fans around the world) would be 100% hooked.

Source: YouTube.

VR Component?

The action would be familiar, yet different, as it wouldn't be a Metal Gear Solid game without a cardboard box or a locker with an inappropriate image. It would need that charm but with a modern update, such as a change in the hero, a different setting, and new types of loadouts; but these are only surface-level changes.

What if we could go further and bring in virtual reality? Aim in first person, duck away from bullets, and sprint around corridors, whilst paying attention to the radar, knocking on walls for distractions and most importantly, being seen by your significant other crawling along the floor with a headset on.

Apart from the hilarious nature of what people would see, the player would be provided with a truly immersive experience. One where the heart rate would be pushed through the nervous stealth and potential for being seen. The story would play out in front of you like your own gorgeous personal cinema.

A Final Thought

Metal Gear Solid 6 is a long shot and from the high-profile divorce that occurred before, I do not imagine that Kojima would want to go back to that type of environment or the series in general. He provided an end to proceedings at the close of Metal Gear Solid 5, so what motivation would he have to return apart from the fact that he wants to protect his creation?

As a dreamer, I would be happy to see Kojima return to the series, my favourite of all time. I still have fond memories of playing the original, mashing my finger to try and pass the torture sequence to save Meryl.

Metal Gear Solid 6 would be the cherry on top of the cake but I cannot deny the fact that it's not really needed. Would it be a step too far? I have no idea but from experience and seeing far too many series outstay their welcome, it would be a risk. I've been proven wrong before and with Kojima at the helm, I could be proved wrong again.


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