Introducing New Characters in Street Fighter 6

Fresh faces join the battle

Introducing New Characters in Street Fighter 6
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The newest title in the Street Fighter franchise brings many novelties to players. Six of the eighteen starting characters in SF6 are making their debut in the series. In this story, we will talk about each of them (and not only their bio, but also their place in the meta).


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Jamie Siu is a professional breakdancer from Hong Kong and a rival of Luke, the face of Street Fighter 6. While breakdance moves probably suit Capoeira more, his preferred fighting style is Zui Quan — a Chinese drunken fist style. And that leads us to the unique game mechanic connected to Jamie — the drinking system.

The more Jamie uses the special move “The Devil Inside”, the more moves are available and the less predictable he is to the opponent. However, that results in harder difficulty for the player — Jamie is not a good option for beginners.

Although he is a really fun character, Jamie is not currently good in the competitive scene, so let his charisma charm you in the unranked modes.


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Johann Petrovich is a mysterious leader of the international Non-Governmental Organisation. He is one of the biggest investors in the Nayshall nation who wishes it only the best.

This rich older man is not your typical fighter. While he can deliver elegant punches and kicks, his primary weapon is “reality tears”. JP can summon shadows and teleport. That makes him a perfect zoning character who is a terrible headache for opponents unprepared for such unorthodox techniques.

After only one month since SF6 was released, JP still needs to be fully figured out and thus considered to be a really strong character. But, like Jamie, he is not beginner-friendly.


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A big fan of 80s pop culture and a master of Bushin-ryu Ninjutsu, Kimberly Jackson, aka Ninjastar, is an excellent choice for both those who love bright colours in their life and those who love high mobility together with great attack potential.

Kimberly is great for those who don’t recklessly attack. When her opponent doesn’t give any opening, the Ninjastar is relatively weak, but she will shine when you can have a decent set-up for the combo. Her special effects also stand out, so we understand if you fall in love with her style.


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It would feel wrong if there were no beginner-friendly among six new characters. A young Mexican girl Lily is an example of such a niche character. Despite her young age, she is already a strong fighter who travels around the world after encountering the spirit.

If we speak about gameplay, Lily is great in close to mid-range battles, and her command grab is not a pleasant experience for her opponents. Because Lily is from Mexico and speaks with the spirits of nature, it may remind you of T. Hawk (not the legend of skateboarding, but the Street Fighter character), and you won’t be wrong. Lily calls T. Hawk her greatest hero and idol and has some moves reminiscent of him.

Unfortunately, being beginner-friendly doesn’t mean you are a strong character in the meta. Lily is a fun character to play, but many opponents are stronger.


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One example of such a stronger character is Manon. The French model and dancer is a master of Judo, an Olympic sport and a modern Japanese martial art. Her fighting spirit leads Manon to travel around the world in search of challenges. Looking to prove she is the strongest model around the globe, Manon enters the competition.

When it comes to stats, Manon is an excellent all-arounder. However, she needs to get close to the opponents since main judo techniques are throws. The owner of the black judo belt has a decent attacking range, yet she might have some trouble against extra-aggressive characters like Cammy or Yuri.


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Built like an ancient statue, Marisa, the jewelry designer born in Italy, is an example of the ancient ideas of a many-talented person. Not only does she use brute power in one of the most respected types of wrestling, but she also brings her inner sense of art to that. Did you know that her grab from the armored stance is a reference to a Roman statue “The Wrestlers”?

Not only is Marisa strong by appearance, but she is also strong in the game balance terms. She is a relatively easy character to play (not as easy as Lily, though), and has excellent offensive and defensive stats, with her only big flaw being lackluster movement. Marisa may struggle against agile opponents, but if she manages to lock an opponent in the corner, they will have a bad time.

To sum up, the Street Fighter 6 release represents the start of a new era for the franchise. One-third of the basic roster has not appeared in the game before, and that will help new players get a fresh start. These six characters bring different playstyles and personalities so that everyone will find someone best for them. Remember to have fun while playing, and good luck in the game!

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