The Rise of Gaming Communities: Exploring the Social Impact of Esports and Online Gaming

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The Rise of Gaming Communities: Exploring the Social Impact of Esports and Online Gaming
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Online combat games such as League of Legends are not just restricted to accumulating kills and destroying enemies. They have encouraged diverse communities to develop amongst many of the players. Critics of gaming claim that the pastime is detrimental, causing addiction, anti-social behavior patterns, and mental health issues. However, a closer look at gaming communities often reveals socializing through forming new friendships, and a positive outlook for the well-being of players. 

Gaming Communities Promote Friendship 

Playing combat games often conveys a lonely impression of a player sitting in isolation. This is not strictly true, as once the player is signed into the game, they have access to communication facilities that enable conversations to develop. At first, players may be complete strangers, but their shared passion for gaming soon enables online friendships to develop. For people who live alone and have limited family connections, gaming provides them with a ready made hub where they can feel part of a thriving community.  

Cognitive Benefits of Gaming 

Battle games such as LoL require players to develop strong mental agility. They need to think creatively to plan how they'll traverse maps, assemble a cohesive team of champions, and plan successful strategies. The games are usually played at a super fast pace which means players have toprocess on-screen information at an equally fast rate. Regular play is believed to improve cognitive health as it provides stimulation for the brain. Players who become part of a gaming community often find they develop logical thought patterns that help them in their everyday lives. 

Gaming Improves Social Skills 

In-game chat facilities immediately link isolated players. They can discuss the strategies of the game while enjoying friendly conversations. Players generally look forward to meeting the friends they have made in the gaming communities. Many restrict their friendships to online forums. Other players meet in person, often at live events such as one of the seasonal splits of the LEC. Gaming communities view these exciting events as an integral part of their socializing. They check out LCS schedules to help them plan when and where they will meet. 

Stress Relief and Online Gaming 

Playing interactive combat games provides welcome relief from the pressures of everyday life. Games such as League of Legends have a fantasy element that provide escapism. Choosing champions such as Smolder and Ezreal allow players to transport their minds to another dimension. Communities provide additional support for players with mental health issues. They help by creating friendships, developing teamwork, and encouraging social interaction. Many players find relaxation when they become part of a thriving gaming community. Modern society has gradually allowed people to drift into isolation. Online gaming is helping to realign this imbalance through the development of gaming communities. Their impact on society is highly beneficial, encouraging healthy cognitive behavior, interactive communication, and entertainment. 


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