When Square and Sega Danced: An Alternate Gaming Symphony

Take a trip through a past, present, and future that could have been

When Square and Sega Danced: An Alternate Gaming Symphony
FF7 on the Sega Saturn. Oh, what could've been... Source: dailygame

Ah, the mystical tapestry of alternate history! The gaming world is no stranger to "what ifs" and tantalizing possibilities. Among these curious musings lies a captivating scenario: What if Square, the mastermind behind Final Fantasy, had defected to Sega instead of Sony? As we delve into this whimsical realm of possibilities, prepare yourself for a journey through an alternate gaming universe, laced with imagination.

FF7 Saturn cover art. Source: Twitter

A Love Triangle of Gaming Consoles

Imagine, a universe where the winds of fate carry Square to the arms of Sega's Saturn. An unexpected dance unfolds between the two, leaving Sony with a sense of longing for the majestic saga that was destined to be Final Fantasy VII. In this universe, the gaming community witnesses a peculiar love triangle among the consoles.

In this reality, Final Fantasy VII makes its grand debut on the Sega Saturn. Oh, the intrigue and curiosity that would ensue! Sega, though passionate about the game, struggles to market it as skillfully as Sony did so though it is still a cherished gem, it doesn't quite seize the world's heart as it did in our familiar timeline.

Ripples of Impact

As the ripples of this alternate reality spread, they touch the shores of the gaming industry, leaving behind intriguing changes.

Capcom and Namco, intrigued by Sony's allure, continue to grace the PlayStation with their blockbuster titles. However, Konami, acting something like a swashbuckling rogue, takes a chance and launches Metal Gear Solid as a multiplatform marvel. Though both versions have their merits, debates ensue in gaming taverns across the land.

Metal Gear Solid Saturn box art. Source: vgboxart

Sony, realizing the significance of a strong RPG presence, sweeps Square off its feet, leading to a harmonious dance between them. Dragon Quest 7 receives a surge of attention, captivating the hearts of RPG enthusiasts in Japan, while overseas adventures remain challenging without the mighty force of FFVII reaching its full potential.

The Nintendo Serenade

Amidst the gaming symphony, Nintendo finds itself in a different melody altogether. While Sony and Sega dance, the Nintendo 64 plays a different tune.

With the 3rd party monopoly shattered, the N64 becomes a haven for diverse and experimental titles. Studios like Atlus, EA, and Treasure craft unique adventures, enticing gamers with their audacious creativity.

The Nintendo 64 becomes a canvas for artistic expression and experimentation. Picture this: Atlus, renowned for its unique RPGs, crafts a mesmerizing narrative-driven game that defies traditional conventions. EA, drawn by the N64's multiplayer capabilities, develops a series of imaginative and engaging multiplayer titles, captivating gamers with unforgettable couch co-op experiences. It's a glorious celebration of the multiplayer joy that even the mighty Mario can't resist. Treasure, well-known for its action-packed gems, unveils a series of side-scrolling wonders, each a testament to the power of the 64-bit console.

Square's Unfamiliar Move

With Square now unaligned, they find themselves in a unique position. They embrace multiplatform development, realizing that catering to a broader audience is the key to long-term success. Final Fantasy IX graces Saturn and PlayStation, offering players an opportunity to experience this cherished title on their platform of choice. But in a twist that surprises the gaming world, Square announces the development of Chrono Cross exclusively for the Nintendo 64.

As Square's ambitious project takes shape on the N64, gamers are intrigued and excited. The combination of Square's storytelling prowess and the N64's unique capabilities promises a remarkable gaming experience. Chrono Cross becomes a centerpiece of Nintendo's lineup, drawing fans of the original Chrono Trigger as well as newcomers to the franchise.

6th generation consoles. Source: Reddit

The Generation of Future's Past

As the 5th generation draws to a close, the seeds of the 6th generation blossom in intriguing ways.

In a twist of fate, the Dreamcast's debut is postponed by a year, but when it finally arrives, it boasts the mesmerizing power of DVDs, captivating gamers with its promises of future delights. Question for the reader: do you think, if the Dreamcast had been able to play DVDs, Sega could've had more support and outsold the PS2?

In this mirthful dance of consoles, Microsoft faces a conundrum. With three strong competitors vying for attention, they ponder their grand entrance. Would they delay their debut to perfect their moves, or join forces with either Nintendo or Sega to create an extraordinary spectacle? Imagine a world where Sega, Sony, and Nintendo remained the Big 3! What impact could that have had on gaming moving forward?

Sony, though faced with fiercer competition, remains a strong contender. The absence of FFVII's tidal wave, however, alters the tide of the gaming symphony, making them rely on other masterpieces to maintain their melody.

Sega Takes Another Stab at Handheld Gaming

In this alternate reality, where Square's embrace of Sega alters the gaming landscape, Sega sees a new opportunity to re-enter the handheld gaming market. The failure of the Sega Game Gear in our timeline still leaves a bitter aftertaste for Sega, but with the possible absence of Sony's PSP, they spot a chance for redemption. As the Game Boy Advance (GBA) continues flourishing, Sega seizes the moment to introduce its handheld masterpiece.

With a renewed focus on handheld gaming, Sega creates a handheld device that rivals the GBA's success. Let us hope it doesn't take a myriad of batteries! Picture this: the "Sega Nebula - Pocket the Power of Infinite Worlds!" A sleek and innovative handheld with a rich library of classic Sega titles, augmented by new games from beloved franchises like Sonic, Phantasy Star, and even a handheld adaptation of Virtua Fighter. Sega's vast collection of IP serves as the foundation for their handheld venture, enticing both long-time Sega fans and newcomers alike.

Impact on the Handheld Market

As the Sega Nebula graces store shelves, it engages in a fierce but friendly dance with the GBA. While the GBA holds a strong position due to its established library and loyal fanbase, the Sega Nebula offers a different flavor, appealing to those seeking a taste of Sega's iconic universe on the go. The competition between the two handhelds drives innovation, leading to more sophisticated features, better graphics, and enhanced gameplay experiences for handheld gamers.

Nintendo Vs Sega Who do you have winning? Source: geekgirlauthority

The rivalry between Sega and Nintendo in the handheld market creates a golden era of handheld gaming. Both companies continuously push each other to their creative limits, resulting in groundbreaking titles and technological advancements. The Sega Nebula, with its unique offerings, earns a place in the hearts of many gamers, while the GBA continues to be a beloved companion for portable gaming enthusiasts. Handheld gaming experiences unprecedented growth and becomes a major driver of the gaming industry. What a world that would've been!

A World of Infinite Melodies

As we bid adieu to this fantastical alternate history, we find ourselves exhilarated by the boundless creativity it inspires. In the grand symphony of gaming, every decision reverberates through the ages, shaping unique and captivating stories.

While Final Fantasy VII's timeless tale will forever reside on the Sony PlayStation in our reality, the allure of alternate histories is a delightful reminder that the gaming universe brims with limitless possibilities. So, my fellow gamers, let us cherish these whimsical musings, and in the spirit of fun, let our imaginations waltz through the realms of gaming's unexplored "what ifs." With that said leave me some comments below on how you think it would've all played out. Game on, my dear adventurers, and may laughter and joy echo through the halls of this ever-evolving digital wonderland!


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