An Elden Ring Player Rises to Fame Within the Community

The Reddit sensation within the game that has become a global sensation

An Elden Ring Player Rises to Fame Within the Community
Source: Press Kit.

User 'let me solo her' has become beloved by the Reddit community for flawlessly defeating what is considered to be the hardest boss in the most talked-about game on the planet, Elden Ring.

With no gear equipped besides two katana and a jar helm, Klein Tsuboi shows other players just what 'git gud' really means. He throws his summon sign down outside of Malenia's boss room with a simple instruction written into his player character's name - 'let me solo her.'

Malenia has been giving both new and veteran players the run around since Elden Ring's release in February. Considered to be the hardest boss in the game due to her combination of fast attacks and ability to heal, she had quite a few players stopped in their tracks as they tried over and over to beat her.

Now, it should be mentioned that it is not necessary to defeat Malenia to beat the game as she's an optional boss locked away within a secret area. However, there is an achievement for defeating her, alongside a hefty amount of runes and the option to unlock her armour (which is widely considered to be the best-looking set in the game).

Knowing that so many fellow tarnished were struggling to overcome such an obstacle, Klein Tsuboi decided to use his powers for good and take on the battle in their stead. It really is an impressive display of skill to watch how he tackles the fight, which you can view in this video (not embedded due to age restriction).

Elden Ring sensation let me solo her defeats Malenia. Source: Gamepur.

The subreddit, r/EldenRing, has been awash with threads dedicated to the mysterious hero, with nothing but praise being sung for his efforts. There's even fanart of him, as though he were an intentional NPC.

It's moments like these where we can truly see the value of community. 'Let me solo her' will surely go down in Elden Ring's history.


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