I'm an Achievement/Trophy Hunter

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I'm an Achievement/Trophy Hunter
PlayStation Trophies. Source: Eurogamer

Achievements and trophies have been a staple in gaming for a long time. Since the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were released in 2005 and 2006, players have earned these accolades from playing some of their favorite games. You know you did something special whenever you unlock an achievement or trophy and hear those sweet, now-iconic sounds. While many of them are unlocked from playing through the story or getting a certain number of kills, the best ones are often those gained from completing a challenging task that you initially thought wasn’t possible. Especially as you earn that treasured Platinum trophy or get all 1,000 Gamerscore, it's an incredible feeling.

Which game to trophy hunt? The choices can be daunting. Source: Link Cable Gaming.

How Do I Complete Games?

Now I don't always play a new game to completion. Normally I play through the game's story mode and then go back to it depending on the genre. Being an adult with real-world responsibilities, I don't have a lot of free time, so I tend to prioritize my time wisely on games that I know will be completed in a few days or less than a week. Most of the time, I earn trophies in games that I haven't played in several years. I feel like I get more satisfaction from playing games that I underappreciated or just didn't have the commitment to beat. Some of my favorite Platinums come from games I never initially finished.

If I was to offer some advice to any novice trophy hunter, I would say to just enjoy the game at your pace. Don't try to rush through it just to boost your overall score or level as some games are made for just that singular purpose. If you are willing to dive headfirst into a tough challenge with a game like Super Meat Boy or any Souls game, then absolutely go for it. Just have fun playing the games you want to play.

My Favorite Platinums/Achievements

Infamous: Second Son has an excellent trophy list to complete to get that coveted platinum. Source: Tenor

If I were to recommend some great platinum, a few come straight to mind. Both Marvel's Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales offer trophies that are easy to get but offer some challenges like completing all of the takedown-related trophies, clearing all of the districts, and finishing it through New Game Plus.

One of my most recent platinums came from Infamous: Second Son by Sucker Punch. It was one of the many titles that were a part of my endlessly growing backlog that I wanted to finish after watching a Youtuber that finished it to completion. Some miscellaneous trophies are tied to combat like defeating an enemy with three different powers while the most difficult one is tied to finishing the game on the hardest difficulty called Unstoppable. Still, Second Son is an absolute must-play first-party PlayStation title that you should have in your gaming collection.

Source: Nintendo

Indie darling Unpacking is one of my favorite Xbox games that I played to get all 1,000 gamerscore. It's a simple puzzle game where the goal is to unpack your stuff in various rooms in a neat and organized manner while listening to calming music. There are a total of 25 achievements in the game and a bunch of them are fairly simple to complete. You get the "Game On" achievement when you just place a game console on an entertainment center and turn it on, or "A Sometimes Food" which requires you to put a cookie jar someplace it can be hard to reach. Achievements like these are what I like to see in games like Unpacking as I just like to play a creative game that makes you go out of your way to see what it has to offer.

A Memoir Blue. Source: Game Devs of Color Expo

Another game that I adored was A Memoir Blue, a simple straightforward adventure game with puzzle moments, about a woman looking back at her past while learning how to reconnect with her mother. It features achievements like "Knock 'Em Down" which has you knocking down umbrellas in a box and "Empty Your Cup" where you need to remove all of the ice cubes in a glass of water that's a bit tricky to get as you have to launch them out of said glass. It isn't too demanding to get through which I feel makes it a game worth checking out for a more relaxed achievement-hunting experience.

My Final Thoughts on Trophies/Achievements in Games

In conclusion, I'm glad that I strive to complete games in order to earn all of the achievements/trophies in video games. It makes me feel like I have a personal checklist that I need to mark off and gives me gratitude knowing I've finished the game to completion by getting those essential accolades.

Xbox Achievements. Source: Xbox Wire

I think I will continue being an achievement/trophy hunter for as long as I play video games. Feeling the rush of earning an achievement or trophy is so exciting and makes me so glad to be an admirer of video games.

If you are someone who is looking to be an avid Achievement/Trophy hunter, just make sure to complete the game at your own pace and to follow any guides if you are stuck at any point. Being immersed in a video game is what makes it one of the most exciting and visually appealing art forms, and you should always enjoy games the way you want to, not the way anyone else says you should.


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