MatPat Leaves Game Theory in New Hands

It's not just a theory

MatPat Leaves Game Theory in New Hands
Source: Game Theorists YouTube.

If you have followed games like Five Nights at Freddy's or Undertale, you know the name MatPat. The main face of channels like Game Theory, Film Theory, and Food Theory, MatPat along with his wife Stephanie have talked about various thoughts on games. They beat Cuphead on regular and on Expert mode, a feat that is really difficult when you think about how Cuphead is.

MatPat posted a video in January announcing that he is leaving YouTube. His first line, of course, was that it wasn't clickbait. He's not retiring the channels, instead leaving it to several successors. MatPat describes it as similar to the Doctor Who universe, where new Time Lords emerge and set the stage for each era. Scheduled Theories will come out until March 9. On that day, MatPat will host a going-away party, to thank everyone for watching. He's talked about potential projects like a video game idea or a television show. The guy already has a Broadway show, which is really cool!

Why is he leaving?

MatPat says that he wants to spend more time with his family, as he is now DadPat. Both of his children are walking and talking, and he says that his older son knows more than he ever will. He wants to see his children grow and constantly surprise him.

In addition, MatPat says that he doesn't want to burn out on YouTube, after focusing on work for a decade. It's easy to forget how to switch off; as a result, the fun vanishes. When video games no longer become fun, then what is the point of playing them or writing videos? And people would notice when the fun vanishes. MatPat would rather retire before that burnout period happens.

As a result, they are partnering and building a team that can handle the different channels, and its successors will have strong support.

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Game Theorists Logo. Source: Game Theorists YouTube.

How did MatPat impact YouTube?

Most people know MatPat's theories on two game franchises: Undertale and Five Nights at Freddy's. He built his career on themes of the mysterious hallucinations and symbolism present with Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Each time a new game was released, MatPat would play it and revise his theory based on the hints.

MatPat also talks about different web video franchises, food, movies, and his family. He covered web shows and stories like Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Mandela Catalogue, Welcome Home, and Shipwrecked 64. As a result, eighteen million subscribers see these videos and spread the word. One video can boost views for a creator's career.

What about corporate sponsorship? MatPat received that as well. In addition to starring for a few minutes in the FNAF movie, Disney paid him to do a film theory about Scrooge McDuck's wealth. No one builds up that clout in a day, and these sponsorships are a testament to the audience and reputation he built in the era before influencers were truly commercialized and TikTok could mint a star with just one video.

Sometimes, however, MatPat would simply engage in fun stuff. He still gets flak for the "Sans is Ness" theory, where he connects the worlds of Earthbound and Undertale using two prominent characters. I thought it was funny, because you could tell in the video that he was joking. Other people didn't, talking about how it made no sense at all, even though he followed up with a video fessing up to the joke.

Can anyone be a theorist?

In social circles, people talk about whether MatPat's theories are theories in the traditional sense. He uses footage to back up his arguments, but also occasionally has fun when making joke theories. Sans is one example; in other cases, he calculates how tall Wario is, based on mathematics and game lore.

MatPat is honest that while there is only one him, more than one person can be a game theorist. You need to have the time, the passion, and the energy to locate all of those Easter eggs. The creators on the staff have written his scripts, and have given him a stronger platform. He wants to give them a chance to speak up and tell their stories.

Successors include Lee and Amy, who will be on Game and Style Theory respectively. MatPat says that Lee has been with the channel for ten years and has the experience. Amy brings passion to every video, and it will be fun to see more of her.

Ending scene of FNAF: Security Breach drawing parallels between FNAF 4 bite, Elizabeth Afton getting nabbed by Baby, and the ice cream cones that are being held.
Source: @MatPatGT Twitter.

Thank you, MatPat

MatPat wasn't my childhood, as some viewers said, but he was part of my graduate school experience. The FNAF theories helped me find less fear in the game and the shadows in my house. His Undertale videos can remind a person they're not alone when the world seems cruel.

Thank you for thirteen years, MatPat. It was an honor to see your career blossom, and for you to reassure us. You gave a lot to us, and now it's time for you to receive.


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