The Literary Playground: Top Online Word Games to Sharpen Your Mind

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The Literary Playground: Top Online Word Games to Sharpen Your Mind
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Engaging in mentally challenging activities keeps your brain stimulated. A word game engages your cognitive skills. It makes you use and enhance your memory, problem-solving ability, and focus. They help you maintain your reasoning skills. At the same time, they also help expand your vocabulary.

But these games aren't just for young adults. They are equally effective for seniors. With time, our bodies, including the brain, undergo wear and tear. Luckily, you can build your mental momentum with various such games. Here is a list of some of the best word games to train your mind.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles help you improve your thinking skills and memory. A well-designed puzzle will engage several brain regions as you search for the correct word. Crossword puzzle clues force you to connect concepts in a way that you hadn't before. Thus, these puzzles work large areas of your cortex, stimulating new connections in your brain. Your brain remembers the new connections, which, in turn, strengthens it.

Considering these benefits, crossword puzzles are one of the best word games to train your mind. You can solve the daily crossword puzzle online or in newspapers and get your daily dose of mental boost.


Scrabble is one of those games that gives your brain a good workout. It's highly beneficial for young adults and children whose brains absorb new information more easily. The game has a simple premise. You just need to create meaningful words from your letter tiles. But there's so much more to it. Once you start playing, you'll see how it gets progressively tougher, expanding your memory and literacy skills.

In Scrabble, five, six, and seven-letter words have the highest points. Out of them, six-letter words are particularly helpful since they are most commonly used. Here's the list of some common and uncommon six-letter words that will help improve your score. You can also find some of the most high-scoring six-letter words in Scrabble here. Learn these words to enhance your odds of winning the game.


Wordle is a web-based game that was created by the software engineer Josh Wardle. It involves players getting six chances to guess a five-letter word. It's quite an engaging game that works the brains of both young and adults.

A person can play only a single Wordle puzzle in a day. The daily Wordle resets every midnight in the player's existing time zone. The user engages in the same puzzle every day. Today, Wordle has become one of the most popular word games to train your mind. You can see social media filled with people sharing their games.

Word Scramble

Word Scramble is something that you can play online and offline. If you are offline, you just need a set of 3 to 4 long words. Now, try your best to make as many words as possible from them.

Challenge the players to get more than 15 words per word. The online version of the game is also quite popular. It has the same premise. You just use your mouse or keyboard to tap on letters and type them to create words.

In the online version, you can even create words that are not a part of the target word list. They become bonus words and increase your bonus bar.

ABC Sort

Next on this list of games to train your mind is ABC Sort. This is an online game in which you are given a word and told to sort the letters alphabetically. As you pass the initial levels, the game gets more challenging. ABC Sort greatly stimulates your brain and helps you become faster at sorting letters. Over time, you will find yourself automatically sorting the letters of every word that you see.

Word Wipe

This is another great game that's very addicting. In Word Wipe, you need to clear as many tiles as you can by combining letters into words. With every round, you get an extra line of letters. You need to clear them to pass this level. You only have 120 seconds to perform the game task. It challenges you cognitively as you think hard and fast within the time constraint. It's a highly entertaining and must-play game for every person.


Brain stimulation is crucial at every age. Regularly engaging in the word games above will help you keep your brain sharp. At the same time, you'll also enhance your language skills. So, the next time you are feeling bored, give your brain a favour and indulge in any one or more of the games above.

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