Three Great Card Combos To Get Early in Marvel Snap

A guide that will have you wielding a stronger deck in a Snap

Three Great Card Combos To Get Early in Marvel Snap
Source: Second Dinner.

Are you a recent Marvel Snap player looking to climb the rankings? Or are looking to enhance your deck before diving into the new Conquest mode? If so, I’m here to assist you! While I may not be an expert in crafting guides, I am confident in my abilities to provide valuable insights and help for Marvel Snap.

For those unfamiliar, Marvel Snap is a fast-paced collectible card game, created by Second Dinner Studio. The cards you can collect feature Marvel Heroes and Villains, each featuring unique skills. Once players have collected all the cards in Series One and Two (the starter cards), they often face the daunting task of determining their next steps. This is where the game opens up, offering access to all the cards that can potentially be unlocked.

Currently, Series Three features 98 cards, making up the most common tier of cards. Additionally, there are 22 cards available in the rarer Series Four and Five tiers. To add to the excitement, players are granted the opportunity to choose one Series Three card from a rotating list each month, which has been a valuable addition. However, the pressure to make the right card selection can be overwhelming for players. I hope to assist you by recommending the best cards to snag first, suggesting compatible cards, and helping you build a great deck to use them effectively.

Source: Marvel Snap Zone.

Sera & Silver Surfer

Sera is a great all-around card. Its ability allows for a significant play during the final turn. What kind of big move? There are several options available. One common strategy is to employ a control deck using Series One and Two cards. This strategy aims to disrupt your opponent’s plans by eliminating their most powerful cards at the end of the game. Particularly effective are cards like Shang-Chi, capable of destroying 9+ power cards, and Enchantress, which disables ongoing cards at the location.

It could look something like this:

Example of a Sera Control Deck. Source: Marvel Snap Zone.

Sera’s ability for a big final turn works well with a deck based around Silver Surfer, which gives +2 to every 3-cost card. With Sera, you can play three 3-cost cards at the end rather than two, making for a great last turn if you have Silver Surfer in your hand.

There are some Series Three cards, such as Brood (which summons two copies of itself) and Maximus (highest power 3-cost card) that work great, but you can use any 3-cost cards you have.

Example of a Sera-Surfer Deck. Source: Marvel Snap Zone.

Sera decks have a lot of flexibility, which is why I think it is the best card to get early. Based on my experience, the Sera-Surfer deck is a great deck to play early in matches.

Source: Marvel Snap Zone.

Patriot & Ultron

Patriot is a great card to get early because it works with the early cards that don’t have abilities. However, it needs some friends to get the most out of it; well, if you can call Ultron a friend.

Patriot gives +2 to cards with no abilities, which works well with other early cards that boost a wide range of cards. Ultron fills the other two locations with 1/1 cards with no ability, so it makes for a powerful last turn.

Mystique is also a great card for this deck, which copies the last ongoing card used.

Example of a Patriot Deck. Source: Marvel Snap Zone.

As you gain more cards, you can add different cards to catch your opponent off guard, such as Invisible Woman, which can hide your valuable ongoing cards. Even if you don’t have these extra cards, the Patriot-Mystique-Ultron combo is still great.

Example of an Invisible Patriot Deck. Source: Marvel Snap Zone.
Source: Marvel Snap Zone.

Wave & Doctor Doom

Throughout the history of Marvel Snap, Wave has consistently remained one of the most frequently used cards. Despite undergoing some tweaks to reduce its effectiveness, it remains a formidable card.

Wave’s ability to make every card cost four on the following turn opens up numerous strategic possibilities. It allows you to play a significant 5 or 6-cost card early on. Alternatively, you can use it to prevent your opponent from making a powerful play involving multiple cards, as seen in the Sera decks mentioned earlier.

Doctor Doom, a versatile 6-cost card, holds a strong position in the game. Boasting five power, it also spawns two 4-power Doombots, spreading out its power and giving you more reach in the game.

Example Doom Wave Deck. Source: Marvel Snap Zone

For a Doom-Wave deck, there are some preferred 5 and 6-cost cards to use, but you can use whatever you have. You can fit in even more big cards if you have Electro, which gives you one extra energy on each turn, with the downside of being able to play on one card per turn. To even things up, you can play Sandman, which keeps both players to one card per turn.

Here are my suggestions for the best Series Three cards to snag early, along with some deck ideas for them.

Example Electro Ramp Deck. Source: Marvel Snap Zone.

Marvel Snap offers the flexibility for many successful deck combinations, so feel free to experiment! Use resources like Marvel Snap Zone, where users and content creators share different deck strategies and combinations.

Happy Snapping!


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