Beyond Midgar

Showcasing Final Fantasy VII

Beyond Midgar

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In this issue, we anticipate the impending launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth by delving into Final Fantasy VII, which is arguably the most iconic JRPG of all time. If you're looking forward to Rebirth, consider this your primer!

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✍ Story Showcase: Final Fantasy VII
⭐ Author Showcase: Josh Bycer
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Rewriting Final Fantasy VII [ Part I + Part II ]

Reimagining one of gaming's most beloved titles
Andrew Johnston

How Final Fantasy VII Nailed the Mini-Game

Mini-games can be boring and tedious, but Final Fantasy VII gets them right
Kristina M.H.

A New Appraisal of Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII isn't done showing us why it's so great
Brandon R. Chinn

What is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII?

Explaining the connection between Crisis Core and Final Fantasy VII
Alex Anyfantis



Josh Bycer is a game design critic with more than a decade of experience analysing video games. He is the author of the "Game Design Deep Dive series" and has interviewed hundreds of game developers.

How Retro Games Have Taken on a New Life

The joys of kaizo and beyond

What is "Dark Side Monetization"?

Delving into dark game design patterns

The Scary Secrets of Horror Design From Silent Hill 4

What an 18-year-old game can teach us about horror design

The Challenge of Preserving the Game Industry

What will it take to preserve video games?



Over the last few years, we've seen the development of games themed entirely around exploration - little to no combat, minimal boundaries, and a giant map through which to journey. Europa is looking like a fine addition to this genre, with a gorgeous world and a few narrative twists to keep it fresh.

In the distant future, terraforming technology has become the last hope for humanity. The android Zee has been sent ahead to Europa, a moon of Jupiter, to see if the satellite is a suitable home for people from the ruins of Earth. Europa is all that it was promised to be - a pristine environment with all the necessities for life. But there are also remnants of some other civilization, including machines that are still active. It's up to Zee to learn the secrets of Europa and decide if it is truly a suitable home.

For any exploration-themed game, the main character's mobility options are always one of the most important mechanics. Zee comes equipped with a jetpack that can trigger several mini-boosts in a row. By timing out those boosts, Zee can perform a range of intricate maneuvers - quick changes in direction, rapid acceleration and ascent, and a graceful glide. Mastering the jetpack is key because Europa is not without its hazards. Skillful maneuvering can keep Zee safe against some of the moon's more dangerous machines while also allowing him to reach new and distant areas.

Europa is scheduled for an April 16th release.

💻 Developed by Helder Pinto, Chozabu (Alex PB), and Novadust Entertainment
Andrew Johnston



Hidden Gems of Game Design Volume 20

Featuring Psycutlery, Patapon, Fate, and Picayune Dreams
Josh BycerAndrew JohnstonAntony Terence, and Lucas Di Quinzio

Alan Wake and the Author

Examining the journey and the darkness
Jacob Self

A Deep Dive Into the World of Splatoon

Exploring the fascinating player-influenced world of Splatoon
Joe Richards





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