Writer of the Year 2022: Vítor Costa

Announcing our first ever Writer of the Year

Writer of the Year 2022: Vítor Costa

Acknowledgement and gratitude are important. SUPERJUMP is built by the collective efforts of a large and highly diverse team of writers (and graphic artists, game designers, etc...) from all around the world. The growth of our publication - and our ability to ultimately compensate all of the writers on our team - relies heavily on the willingness of those writers to contribute their talents to SUPERJUMP for a period of time with no guaranteed income from us. This means every single one of our contributors are working together to build something for the long term; a publication that will hopefully be able to sustain itself by raising the standard around gaming critique and dealing with games as the artforms they truly are.

We do our best to showcase the brilliant work of our entire team, but there are always more and better ways of doing this. That's why we've introduced our first ever Writer of the Year award in 2022. The Writer of the Year is selected by their colleagues - the SUPERJUMP team - through a nominations process that took place over the last month.

With just over 25% of the vote, our inaugural Writer of the Year is Vítor M. Costa.

When you look at Vítor's author profile on SUPERJUMP, it's easy to see why such a large proportion of the team nominated him. Vítor exemplifies our commitment to raising the bar around video game critique through his thought-provoking philosophical musings, to his detailed analysis of game design concepts, as well as his remarkable interviews with creators like Yoko Taro.

As our first ever Writer of the Year, we're acknowledging Vítor's outstanding contributions to SUPERJUMP with a $100USD tip, some exclusive team merch, and a customised SUPERJUMP Xbox controller thanks to Colorware:

Thanks again Vítor for your brilliant contributions to SUPERJUMP. Your work is a perfect example of the SUPERJUMP DNA in action. We look forward to many more collaborations ahead.

Please join me in congratulating Vítor by hitting the clap button at the bottom of this post. 👏


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