From Osaka to the World: Celebrating Capcom

Showcasing Capcom

From Osaka to the World: Celebrating Capcom

πŸ‘‹ Hi there! Welcome to the latest edition of SUPERJUMP Weekly. This week, we're celebrating Capcom, the iconic game developer and publishing house. Our stories cover both well-known names like Resident Evil and Street Fighter, as well as some lesser-known gems like Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. In this issue, we also showcase the works of Cat Webling and feature KARMA: The Dark World in our latest On the Radar update.


✍️ Story Showcase: Celebrating Capcom
⭐ Author Showcase: Cat Webling
πŸ“‘ On the Radar: KARMA: The Dark World
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Revisiting Onimusha: The Samurai Horror Classic

The action-combat survival horror masterpiece that deserves a resurgence
✍️ Brandon R. Chinn

The Inviting Brutality of Mega Man

Gleaning joy from intense difficulty
✍️ Brandon R. Chinn

The History of Fighting EX Layer

How a Street Fighter spin-off survived with its own identity
✍️ Jahanzeb Khan

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Turns 30

The beloved Capcom arcade brawler that won the hearts of countless players
✍️ C.S. Voll

The Devil's in the Details

DmC: Devil May Cry, seen as the black sheep of the series, masters the art of visual storytelling, making it a game worth recognition
✍️ Briana Gonzalez

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Defends the Reputation of Truth

Reaching back into history in order to look forward
✍️ C.S. Voll

Mega Man Battle Network's Optimistic Futurism

The Net of 20XX made me hope for an impossible world
✍️ Brandon R. Chinn

The History of Street Fighter II

Looking back over three decades of Capcom's seminal fighting franchise
✍️ Jahanzeb Khan



Cat Webling is a SUPERJUMP Editor and published author. She loves Dungeons and Dragons, PokΓ©mon, Undertale, and cute simulation games. In addition to her work at SUPERJUMP, Cat writes sci-fi, short stories, and poetry. For more information about her works, check out her website.

How Undertale Changed the Gaming World

Why a silly indie game from 2015 became one of the most influential games in modern gaming culture

A New Player's Guide to the D&D Basic Races

Building a character from the face up

What You Really Need to Start Playing Dungeons and Dragons

The basic essentials for starting D&D as a player and as a DM

Nine Fantastic Women in Gaming History

The notable women behind many of your favorite franchises and gaming tech

How to Use Dungeons and Dragons to Improve Your Writing

Playing a TTRPG by yourself might just help you hone your skills as a writer

The Girl With the Ruined Study: A Breath of the Wild Commentary

Finding purpose in the aftermath

Are you enjoying Cat's stories? Check out her Author Profile for more.

KARMA: The Dark World


Psychological horror has been a significant trend as of late, with developers pushing the limits as they use interactivity to pull players into ever more dark and disturbing worlds. KARMA: The Dark World adds to the formula by blending in Cold War-era paranoia and Orwellian imagery to create a surreal political thriller.

Daniel McGovern is a Roam Agent, a special counterintelligence operative employed by the Leviathan Ideology Bureau in East Germany in 1984. As a result of Leviathan's experimentation, Daniel has the ability to unlock the memories of others, rooting out their deepest secrets as he hunts for signs of subversion and betrayal. Unbeknownst to Leviathan, these years of digging through people's memories has had an effect on Daniel as well, and he's ready to get out - if he can deal with his own inner demons first.

KARMA is a game about investigations. Daniel is essentially a spy hunter, and his goal is to root out infiltrators. Besides the tools that any counterintel agent might have, Daniel can also enter the mind of a subject and attempt to collect their memories. This is a dangerous approach - the inside of a person's mind is a dangerous place, full of emotions and fears that don't appreciate the intrusion.

The imagery in KARMA really speaks for itself. While the game's alternate reality East Germany is hardly a pleasant place, the worlds inside the heads of its denizens are far more ominous. As with any game themed around the human mind, expect to encounter anything.

KARMA is due for release on August 30, 2024.

πŸ’» Created by Pollard Studio
✍️ Andrew Johnston



Lost Planet Walked So Helldivers Could Run

A series from the past echoes in Helldivers 2
Khen Ramos

The 2024 Nebula Award for Game Writing

Baldur's Gate 3 takes home the Nebula for Game Writing
Priya Sridhar

Fallen Aces: Early Access Review

Hard-boiled action for the boomer shooter crowd
Gavin Annand

How StarCraft II Pulled Off a "The Floor is Lava" Level

Real-time strategy games, take note
Antony Terence

Trackmania Deep Dip II: The Most Difficult Challenge in Gaming?

A Foddian racing game tower climbing map and a massive Twitch event
Christian Behler



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