Rolling the Dice: Tabletop Gaming

Showcasing tabletop gaming

Rolling the Dice: Tabletop Gaming

👋 Hi there! Welcome to the latest edition of SUPERJUMP Weekly. This week, we're celebrating the world of tabletop gaming: from D&D cheat sheets all the way through to building entire digital tabletop experiences in Figma. In this issue, we also showcase the works of Ross Gardner and feature Report on the Death of Robert Evergreen in our latest On the Radar update.


✍️ Story Showcase: Tabletop Gaming
⭐ Author Showcase: Ross Gardner
📡 On the Radar: Report on the Death of Robert Evergreen
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Playing Tabletop RPGs via Figma

Going where no TTRPG-mad Trekkie had gone before
✍️ Chris Bam Harrison

From Paper to Data: The Digitisation of Tabletop RPGs

RPGs past, present and future, in conversation with's Alex Evans
✍️ Cat Bussell

Dungeons and Dragons and Therapy: An Interview With Dr. Megan Connell

Roleplaying and tabletop gaming as therapy
✍️ Kyle Solomon

Revisiting Crimson Shroud, a Forgotten Cousin of Ivalice

Part visual novel, part tabletop RPG, all Yasumi Matsuno
✍️ Brandon R. Chinn

The Classes of Dungeons and Dragons: A Cheat Sheet

A reference sheet to the 12 basic classes in Dungeons and Dragons
✍️ Cat Webling

Interview With Realm Architect Creator Nils Philips

Explore the world of virtual desktop gaming like never before with Realm Architect, a new tool for DMs to enjoy
✍️ Cat Webling



Deus Ex: 23 Years Later

The world of Deus Ex reflects our current situation

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines - A Retrospective

You don't just play the game, you live it

Tribes Vengeance: The Forgotten FPS

Ross Joseph Gardner

Super Metroid at 30

Exploring the world of a classic franchise at its 30th birthday

Are you enjoying Ross's stories? Check out his Author Profile for more.

Report on the Death of Robert Evergreen


PC gaming fans are known to mourn for some of the features that were lost when games went all digital. Feelies - physical objects used in puzzles or simply for scene-setting - are one thing that vanished long ago. But a few developers are bringing them back, and Report on the Death of Robert Evergreen is going the extra mile.

The player takes on the role of the editor-in-chief of a tiny newspaper circa 1991. Consolidation means that one-paper towns are now the norm, and your own rag is about to lose. Along comes the untimely death of a notable local figure, a story with the potential to turn your fortunes around - provided you're willing to be flexible with your ethics.

The objective is to report on Evergreen's passing while dealing with your own personal woes and those of the paper. As a journalist, your objective is to get to the bottom of what's going on. As editor-in-chief, your objective is to make the story interesting. As with some other journalism-themed games (such as Times & Galaxy, featured here a few months back), the player gets to choose how facts are presented. Turn up something salacious, and you can report it honestly, sensationalize it for sales, or cover it up to protect those involved.

Report on the Death of Robert Evergreen features a deluxe edition with some very interesting features. It includes a physical version of the Evergreen file, reporter's notebooks and a set of minitapes along with a 90s-style portable tape player to listen to them. Fans of recent feelie-based detective games should find this very interesting.

Report on the Death of Robert Evergreen is pending a release date.

💻 Created by The Local Rag
✍️ Andrew Johnston



Here's How StarCraft II Pulled Off a "The Floor is Lava" Level

Real-time strategy games, take note
Antony Terence

Dissecting the Gore-Covered Condemned: Criminal Origins

Exploring Metro City and the elements that define Condemned as a classic cult horror game
Briana Gonzalez

Xbox Serves Up a Full-Course Gaming Experience for 2024

Ready to order everything on the menu? I sure am!
CJ Wilson

Steam Next Fest: Games to Watch

So many demos, so little time
Gavin Annand

What Defines 'Survival' in Survival Horror?

Exploring the relationship between the player's internal and external struggles
Josh Bycer

Discovering How to Fully Appreciate Games

It's about the journey, not the end credits
Lawrence Adkins

We Need More Games with Shadow of War's Nemesis System

A breakdown of what sets Monolith's action-adventure game apart
Antony Terence



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